2018 STANDARD DEVIATION Sauvignon Blanc XL

What isn’t special about this wine?
Appellation: Sonoma Mountain is a tiny yet extraordinary area with multiple elevations, exposures, soils, temperatures and humidity – all combining for complexity beyond compare.  When viewed from the west, Sonoma Mountain isn’t a particularly dramatic peak. Comprised of a lumpy series of hills piled on top of each other, briefly green and mostly golden and dotted with groves of live oak, its western flank meets cool winds and fog from the Petaluma Gap.
Winemaking: Why XL? It’s very rare to find a wine aged in what’s known as a French cigar barrel – one extended in length to provide more surface area to maximize lees exposure and impart richer, more complex flavors and aromas.
Aromatics: This is truly one of the brightest, most magical white wines I’ve experienced in a while.  The Thai passionfruit and bright acidity will dazzle you.
Be sure to contact us for our special pricing. Reg. $64.95.