Marcus Graziano


A UC Davis economics and international relations graduate, Marcus comes from a long history of wine. His grandparents migrated from Northern Italy, bringing their grape-growing knowledge to Northern California; his parents continued that tradition in their own vineyards.

It was only natural for Marcus to do what he does…he knows wine from “the ground up.”

While in school, Marcus interned with California Manufacturers Association, a lobbying firm in Sacramento. Recognizing that he could assist his new colleagues in the capital with his wine industry knowledge, Marcus realized the need to create Capitol Cellars. He opened his first store downtown Sacramento in 1985 and began providing wines to many of his legislative contacts both in Sacramento and Washington D.C. The following year Marcus was commuting to Washington D.C. every month developing business in the nation’s capital and he soon became the wine consultant to the U.S. Senate, working with Secretary of the Senate, Joe Stewart. Through that contact, Marcus developed business with many organizations in the telecommunications and entertainment industries. The decision was made to move Capitol Cellars to Gold River CA in 1998. By 2010, two more locations were opened. Granite Bay CA became the hub of operations and is where Capitol Cellars thrives today.

Marcus has been fortunate to work with a diverse and well-known roster of clients, from NBA stars and entertainment industry executives, to the government and many local businesses. His relationships within the wine industry have allowed him to put some of California’s most exclusive wines into the hands of his customers.

Marcus is passionate about this industry and the service he provides for his clients. He feels strongly about finding wines to suit every individual’s unique palate, and enjoys taking the time to get to know his customers and educate them on any aspect of wine they find intriguing.