Shibumi Knoll…Gesundheit!

We had to go there…this afternoon I offered a glass of Shibumi Knoll to a client and he responded with “Gesundheit!”.

All joking aside, Shibumi Knoll Owners Don and Joann Ross were inspired to name their vineyard home after the book and concept of Shibumi, a Japanese word describing a physical and emotional state which nearly translates to “effortless perfection”.

Don met winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown when he joined a small wine tasting group soon after moving to Napa Valley.  They were thrilled when one of the finest winemakers in the Valley offered to make Shibumi Knoll wines.

Shibumi ChardonnayTheir 2016 Buena Tierra Chardonnay (Reg. $100, now $89.95) has proven to be among the best in the country.  You can smell the delectable notes of warm vanilla, honey pomelo with a hint of flirtatious spice.  As you taste the wine, elements of lemon, green apple and grapefruit kissed by a floral blush are immediately sense by your palette only to be balanced by warm caramel.  The mouthfeel is warm and luscious as the finish plays out with a clean, fresh sensation.  The wine is balanced and complex making it drinkable now and will carry on beautifully for several years.

Shibumi ChardonnayThe 2016 Shibumi Cabernet Sauvignon is a standout that will please for years to come.  The yield was small but the concentration of flavors is rich and bold.  The nose offers cocoa and chocolate inflused with dark fruit, blood orange and golden raisin.  The taste is cabernet at its best with an added earthiness and a medium tannic structure.  This is signature Shibumi with elegance and gorgeous flavors lending to a truly sophisticated wine.  And that’s nothing to sneeze at!